Friday, October 17, 2008


The Special Adviser to the Governor of Delta State on MDGs, Dr. Austin Obidi, led a cross section of civil society organization leaders, youth and women group leaders, government workers, law enforcement authorities, volunteers, activists,primary and secondary school students and other well meaning Deltans in the observance of this year's International Day for the eradication of poverty.

The Special Adviser led all present through the stand up exercise and the reading of the stand up pledge, all who attended the event were happy that they were part of history maklng event.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Background and General Introduction

United Nations Online Volunteers In Nigeria (UNOVIN) is a National Non-Governmental Youth & Women Led Organization that represents national organizations which promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service both online and offline, we are approved and technically supported by the UN’s online community network called TAKINGITGLOBAL ( UNOVIN founded in 2008, is presently seeking, associate and candidate members in all states of the federation. Each member organization runs an annual program of National Volunteer Projects in their own State and exchanges volunteers with each other to create a National group of volunteer workers on each project.

National Volunteer Projects

National Volunteer Projects are organized by member organizations either on a state or regional basis but always in partnership with local communities. They engage the volunteer groups in a wide diversity of community development tasks including environmental, construction, renovation, social, cultural and archaeological work. Amongst member organizations there are many examples of projects which have pioneered new working methods and produced dynamic results. The projects generally some weeks and consist of about 10 - 20 volunteers drawn from a number of communities/states. Projects are often in remote areas, in regions where local people may have minimal opportunity for meeting others from different countries. The volunteer groups bring new ideas and experiences into communities, providing a stimulus for ongoing work. The individual volunteers benefit from the interaction both within the group and with the local communities. The experience gives them the opportunity to travel to another community/state, use their time productively and make a positive contribution to the local community. They also have the chance to widen their horizons through meeting and learning from each other and local people. They can still volunteer over the Internet, on radio, TV, Print media hence the name Online Volunteers.


UNOVIN Volunteer Projects are organized in each state by state member organizations, which also recruit volunteers within that state. All member organization place only individuals residing in their own state on projects.

Interested volunteers should therefore only contact their state member organization! The members also work closely with similar national and international organizations in Nigeria, Africa and worldwide.

We seek members from all states of the federation; send your intention to join to

Comrade Okonta Emeka Okelum

National Coordinator ...UNOVIN or call +2347036393030